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2018 Summer Basketball Camps

25-Jun-2018 27-Jul-2018 '0.00', '290.00', '425.00', '600.00', '700.00', '765.00',
   Windsor Mill Middle
8300 Windsor Mill Road , Windsor Mill MD 21244

Youth basketball summer camps at the Choo Smith Basketball Camps offer young players the same elite on-court training experience that all collegiate/NBA players receive, including off-court training from our Athletic & Personal Development specialists. The emphasis, though, is focused mainly on establishing proper fundamentals for future success.

  • Get a 10% discount for every child after the 1st child.
  • For Team registration or payment plans please call. (443) 863-7474

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I give my permission to participate in the Choo Smith Basketball Camp. I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would affect this (these) campers from participating in the camp programs. I also give me permission for my child to be given emergency treatment at a local hospital. Upon signing, I agree that in case of an accident while in Choo Smith Basketball Camp, I accept full responsibility for any and all liabilities and release Choo Smith Youth Empowerment, Inc., the camp instructors/directors, New Town High School/Towson University, or any other recreational facility that may be used for the camp from any liability. I also agree to allow Choo Smith Youth Empowerment, Inc. to use photographs and video of my child for advertising purposes. I understand that Choo Smith Youth Empowerment is not responsible for my child once they leave camp or activity that they are participating in. I hereby, by my signature, acknowledge reading and understanding of this agreement and verify that my child is physically fit to participate in this camp.

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